Aug 20, 2015

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The Key To An Unforgettable Wedding Proposal

Once you have found the woman of your dreams, there is just no way you could let her go. It is a must to finally make that decision to get down on one knee and ask her hand to be permanently yours for the rest of your life. This is one of the most romantic things that could ever happen to a girl and if you’re lucky that she feels the same way, then it’s also going to be one of the best days of your life. But everything has to be perfect when you propose to her.

It doesn’t really have to be grand because most of the time, it is the simplest things that could make that imprint in a woman’s heart until you two grow old together. You can always do it grand and expensive, but we’re telling you that most of the time it is really unnecessary. The key to an unforgettable wedding proposal lies on the details of the plan and at the same time, the spontaneity that goes with it. You might probably think it’s ironic to describe it that way, but allow us to explain it.

Your plan to propose must be plotted out well, making sure there are no loopholes for you to make a mistake and offend her or anything that would embarrass her. May we also add that it would help that you are at least 90% sure she would say yes. Because for example, you plan to propose during the commercial break of football game and you’re just 50% unsure she would actually marry you… well, you probably know what could happen next if you go with it. You must also be practical with the situation.

But let’s say you are not that sure she would say yes, your hope lies on the engagement ring that you are about to give her. You know what they say, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend.” That saying could actually be applied in this situation. If the woman of your dreams finds your engagement ring irresistibly beautiful, then there’s a huge chance that you would hear her sweet yes when you popped the question, “Will you marry me?”

Not all women are the same. Some wouldn’t like to have diamonds on their ring, while others would love to see a huge piece of that shiny rock on their finger. You must know your woman well before handing her the symbol of your love and commitment to her. If she is not the type who would go for a diamond ring, you could always have a customized engagement ring. Lots of companies who are experts in this field can do that for you. You can straight up order online and just choose from the company’s gallery. You must provide them a ring size, so it would be perfect for your bride the moment she wears it on the day you propose. Just take note of these suggestions and we’re sure that your proposal would be memorable in a good way.

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May 29, 2015

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Wedding Rings For Men – Factors To Consider When Choosing The Right One


How’s the wedding preparations so far? For sure, the details are giving you more stress than you could have ever imagined. What about shopping for the rings? Have you selected one ring? There are quite a variety of wedding rings for men out there. It would be difficult to pick which one to go for. This article will show you few details you need to be eyeing for when you are going to make a choice regarding which ring to go for.


Here are the factors you need to consider when choosing the right ring out of the many wedding rings for men out there:


  1. Metal.


First, you decide what kind of metal the ring should be made of. You need to be certain with this because everything else will be secondary. Things like the design and price will depend on the metal you choose. Be sure you pick the right metal for the wedding ring. You can go for gold, white gold, and even palladium. The choice is really all up to you. Each metal is different from each other in terms of color, weight, finish, and effect when you wear it.


  1. Design.


Oliveti-Mens-Brushed-Titanium-Beveled-Edge-Comfort-Fit-Band-8mm-P15876738Next on the list would be the design of the ring. You need to be particular about this. Do you want the band to have a diamond or a combination of gold and white gold? The choice would depend upon your preference and your partner as well. You can get inspiration online with regard to the design or look at various jewelry shops to check out what’s the latest.


  1. Price.


Lastly, the price of the ring. A number of wedding rings for men are priced quite well while some are cheap, others are way too expensive. It is a must that you do set a budget as to how much you are willing to spend on the ring. In this way, you will not be spending more of what you can truly afford. You can also get a good deal by simply getting quotes from different jewelry shops.


Now the real task begins! The success for the search of the best out of the best wedding rings for men will be solely on your hands. Do spend a minimal time on doing the search as there are other wedding details to attend to. You do not want to miss the most important detail and that is the wedding itself.


At the end of the day, what matters most is that you got the ring and be wed to the most beautiful woman on earth – your soon to be wife. This is what the entire wedding is all about to seal the love and the bond that both of you have and have everyone who loves the both of you be witnesses to that. It would be the wedding rings that will symbolize the bond and love that both of you are going to treasure for the rest of your life.

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May 29, 2015

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3 Useful Tips When Choosing Men’s Wedding Rings


Getting married is one of the most important events that could happen to someone. For a lot of people, it only happens once and that is why everyone who gets married wants every detail to be perfect. From the dress of the bride to the tuxedo of the groom, to the venue of the reception, the church and the food, every detail must be looked after.


However, one of the most important things to remember is the rings. After all, they are the ultimate symbol that you are married. Looking for rings can be fun – especially for women who love jewelry. However, looking for a great men’s wedding ring can take a lot of thought and time, but it does not necessarily have to be stressful. Just follow these simple tips and find the perfect ring for your groom.


How to Choose Men’s Wedding Rings

Whether the man is buying the ring for himself, or if the bride-to-be is going to surprise her groom, there are certain considerations that one must contemplate first. Here are some tips to help you choose a men’s wedding ring.

  1. mens-wedding-ring-with-10-diamondsConsider the lifestyle of the groom. Does the future groom involve himself in hobbies or work that might damage his wedding ring? If he does not, then the durability of the ring is not that important. However, if his work does involve a lot of activities that could damage his ring, buying a ring that is durable is very important. In cases like these, some men prefer to take off their wedding rings but there are some who does not like to do so. Here are some ring materials and their durability.
    • Compared to higher-karat gold, gold that is lower-karat is in fact more durable.
    • Although silver is affordable, it is not all that durable.
    • Platinum is very durable but it is quite heavy.
    • More durable than platinum and weighs less.


  1. Highlight the personality of the groom. There are some men who do not like much fuss. These types of men might just prefer a wedding ring that is a more traditional simple silver or gold ring. However although a gold ring is typically the classic, most men still prefer silver jewelry. On the other hand, there are also some men who do not mind having stones or decorative designs on their rings. There are some flashy men who prefer to have their rings in unique stones and colors. Make sure to carefully consider the personality of the groom and make sure that it shows in his ring.


  1. The rings of the bride and groom must match. Although they do not have to be necessarily identical, they should at least look good together. The rings of the bride and groom must at least match in terms of the level of intricacy, metal used, width, stone selection and whether or not it is engraved.


These are just three tips one must consider when buying men’s wedding rings. Carefully consider each one and buy the most appropriate one you can find!

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May 29, 2015

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What Are the Benefits of Buying Cheap Gold Wedding Rings?

cheap-wedding-rings-sets-What is the good side buying cheap gold wedding rings? Here are the savvy tips and benefits why to buy cheap gold wedding rings. It will seek more and can give full expression of feelings. It doesn’t matter how expensive your rings is. No other jewellery is more powerful than saying that a couple would love more. A wedding ring has a status symbol of love, romance and commitment. Being married have many great questions in our life.


It is essential that when choosing a wedding ring it must consider the wearer’s taste, style and personality that meets that practice of everyday task. These cheap wedding rings comes in every shape, size and style. Give a time and allowance on how to pick your wedding rings. There are plenty of unique designs that can make you trendy and one of kind. There are physical and Psychological benefits in wearing a wedding rings but most of us are not aware of it.


Benefits of Having a Cheap Wedding Rings

  • It doesn’t need to be expensive. Wedding ring can make a happy emotion. Hence it will makes the couple happier and spend a lot of time choosing a good design and engraves. It must be suit to the taste of the couple.


  • Having this ring gives a neurological effect of the wearing ring. Long time ago, ancient belief that a ring have the capacity of make the energy balance into our kidney it will flow a specific energy. This flow called the svathisthana chakra that can stimulate and enhance sexual life.


  • 18ct_yellow_gold_wedding_ring_set_5mm_2mm_flat_profile_hammered_(2)_largeIn some tradition that wearing a wedding ring is alternative in medicines. A good amount of metal in our body have a closed linked in good health. People from today believe that having a wedding ring has a good impact on the couple.


  • Ancient belief that gold and silver rings can stimulate the flow of the blood and energy which support the energy of urogenital area. It is also an ancient belief that it has an anti-inflammatory effect.


  • It gives an increase of sexual power for more than 4 hours a day.


In the Bible, gold symbolizde wealth, wisdom and sacred things. That’s why is a couple celebrates the 50th golden anniversary. It is all considered that having a traditional gold wedding rings because gold does not tarnish easily and it signifies couple everlasting love .There are many great choices of cheap gold Wedding rings. It symbolizes the timeless and long-time commitment on one another. Although you may know that gold prize is very much high among the others. Whether the couple like a white gold or platinum, but you must know about the cons and pros. The couple must make the decision and agree to it. Remember the health benefits of wearing a ring you must choose carefully and make sure thatyou try all the styles you want. Don’t invest so much in the ring; make it simple as possible simplicity is beauty.


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May 29, 2015

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18 carat White Gold Wedding Rings That Fits for All Weddings

12_701_3408RoundCut0.63CaratColourSideStonesEngagementRingin18kWhiteGoldWedding rings play a major role during your wedding day, though some couples believed that wedding rings are unnecessary and costly, still it is already part of the tradition. Wedding rings will remind you of your promised to your spouse, which is why selecting your wedding rings must be carefully done according to your preference. White gold wedding rings are the most common wedding rings that are chosen by most of the couples. Because of its luminous and bold appearance, 18 carat white gold wedding rings are one of the most popular choices for the bride and the groom.

Historically, gold is considered as the symbol of wealth and prosperity and one of the most expensive metals in the world. Gold was first used as an amulet and for making idols statues because of its indestructible nature. Even the Egyptians considered gold to be sacred as royalties also used it. Until, such time that gold became more and more valuable. It was then used as currency in different countries across the globe – gold bars, gold bullion coins and a lot more. As of today, gold is widely used in jewelry though some companies still use gold in the production of their commodities.

18-carat-white-gold-round-brilliant-diamond-three-stone-ringGold can be presented in any forms such as white gold rings to diamond gold rings as it signifies beauty, sophistication and class.  In most weddings, gold is still one of the best choices for the bride and the groom in their wedding rings as a token of their undying love for each other. The gold’s non-corrosiveness quality is the main reason why it is the perfect choice in jewelry. Gold will not deteriorate over a time and will not rust nor cause any skin irritations and is difficult to be damaged. That is why couples, especially for the grooms who are more into hard work, prefer the 18 carat white gold wedding rings as it will always remain beautiful as it was first bought and cannot easily be destroyed.

18 carat white gold wedding rings are mostly made up of 18 parts pure gold or some jeweler uses 75% gold then combined with another metal such as copper or zinc. Initially, white gold rings has one or more metals combined to add the durability of the ring as well as to augment the colors and designs. Its’ white metals are mostly made up of nickel, platinum, manganese, silver, palladium and more. You can also choose to have your white gold wedding rings plated. And for those couples who do not like metallic shine they can choose Rhodium plating.

Whatever your story is, wedding rings are an important decisions to make by both couples. Wedding rings for both couples should be made of the same wedding ring style, color, design, quality or the metal type used and whether it is just plain and simple or sparkly and filled with diamonds and gems. But then, you have to remember that wedding rings are not an assurance of a lasting marriage, it only signifies your commitment to each other which may be doomed or forgotten.

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